A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Berzerkerz is a fast-paced, gore-intensive, minimalistic party game featuring online & local multiplayer for up to 8 players.

Each player assumes control of a dual-wielding berzerker hell-bent on emerging as the sole survivor of the arena. These crazed warriors will charge forward recklessly as players can turn left and right but are unable to stop or slow down.

To achieve victory players must collect flaming spheres to gain speed. Use said speed to eliminate slower foes through collision while avoiding faster enemies for obvious reasons. Also avoid stationary objects and foes of equal speed as they will leave you stunned and reset your speed. Lastly keep in mind that high-speed collisions with anything other than slower opponents will result in your imminent blood-spattered death. Have fun!

Turn left or turn right, pick up orbs for speed, kill your enemies by colliding when you are faster than them.
Player 1: a, d
(For local players)
Player 2: left arrow, right arrow
Player 3: k, l
Player 4: g, h

Made by

The game was originally made during a weekend game jam, with some additional polish afterwards as we discovered in play testing just how fun and thrilling the game really was!

  • Rasmus Hofréus - Design
  • Sebastian Jarkeborn - Programming
  • Erik Thomasson Forsberg - Programming
  • Niklas Lindblad - Programming
  • Simon Bergqvist - Programming
  • Victor Engström - Music
  • Vile Hartman - Sound, Voice Acting
  • Viktor Zryd - Sound, Voice Acting
  • Niklas Bergwall - Animation, Voice Acting
  • Gustav Rosberg - Animation, 3D Art
  • Mattias Lindblad - 3D Art. GFX
  • Evelina Waara - Animation, 2D Art


Berzerkerz-LINUX-v1.01.rar 50 MB
Berzerkerz-MAC-v1.01.zip 62 MB
Berzerkerz-WIN-v1.01.rar 49 MB